My focus is blending clients current belongings, that hold meaning to their life, with a modern chic look to elevate their existing living space. Functionality and authenticity drive my practice to create beauty wherever that may be. I am thrifty, gravitate towards combining old with new, and am a problem solver when it comes to both creation of functional space and adhering to a budget.


Hailing from the Midwest; lived on both coasts; laying roots in Spokane, WA

Passion for creative design through personal styling and space expertise. Connecting with clients, listening to their visions and helping them put their ideas into reality. Through understanding my clients passions and needs I am able to curate their ideal dream spaces.


Apart from designing I dedicate my world to my family; Firefighter husband Chris and two sweet beautiful little girls Gianna and Shea. 


Personally and as a family we love exploring spaces, nature, and culture. Through these experiences we embrace inspiration and admiration which is showcased on my Instagram account.


I enjoy sharing ideas and spreading positive design practices to friends, followers and family frequently. I'd love to share these with you as well. Follow me on Instagram and take a peek at my blog to see what I'm currently working on!

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